Which of the accessories and upgrades are included?

When you buy the Ultimaker Original it will contain all the latest upgrades (Extruder Drive upgrade, Hot End upgrade and Knurled drive bolt kit).

Which accessoires and upgrades are recommended?

A highly recommended accessory for the Ultimaker Original is the UltiController. It allows you to print with your Ultimaker without a connected computer. With the UltiController you are able to tune your printer while it’s printing. It also has a more stable data transfer. The assembled Ultimaker Original already contains the UltiController, as all the other available upgrades.

If you are interested in printing with 2 colors or 2 materials at the same time you can check out the Dual Extrusion pack. This is still experimental and might require some tweaking for good results. Therefore it is recommended for more experienced Ultimaker users.

Is a heated bed available for the Ultimaker Original?

We are currently developing a heated bed upgrade for the Ultimaker Original. Estimated launch time is mid 2014. If you are interested in making your own heated bed for your Ultimaker Original, we recommend you to get in touch with the Ultimaker community and to take a look at the Wiki page about this subject.