Top ten benefits of 3D printing in industry

Iterative design: 3D printing allows you to develop ideas faster as you can print a concept the same day as it was designed. This shrinks the development time from months to days. This allowing companies to stay ahead of the competition.

Money saved: spending money of injection mold tools and production runs are very expensive. It requires big investments from companies. 3D printing can replace these techniques, allowing the creation of tools and parts to be done at a fraction of the cost.

Cheap prototypes: being able to verify designs before investing in more expensive materials and techniques saves a lot of money. Being able to print production-ready prototypes can build confidence before making large investments. It will always be cheaper to 3D print a test piece than must redesign an existing mold.

Clear communication: A description of a planned model can be misinterpreted. A conceptual picture can go a long way. But being able to hold a tangible model of a product-to-be in hand can clear all lines of communication.

Feedback: Cheap high-quality prototypes can be unveiled at trade shows and shown to potential investors prior to creating the finished product. This allows you to get insights from the public and investors before finalising the product. It is a valuable way to gauge people’s perception of the product prior to investing money and time into it.

Get a feel for something: You cannot work out how something feels in your hand from a picture or diagram. To ensure that the ergonomics and fit of a product are suitable you need to be able to hold it, use it and stress test it. 3D printing can give you fast tangible artefacts to prove concept design.

Personalise it: mass production results in everything coming from the production line the same. With 3D printing you have the option to tweak, personalise and customise a part to uniquely it you and your needs. Ideal for those in the medical, dental, fashion and jewellery industry.

Only limited by your imagination: You can now 3D print almost anything which you can imagine. In a very short space of time. An idea, a concept, an invention or dream can be formed in the real world.

Press print: Improvements in additive manufacturing make the possibilities endless. The limitations of standard machines no longer apply. Geometries that have been difficult/impossible to build. E.g. holes which change direction, unrealistic overhangs, #3D printing now makes these possible to produce.

Fail Fast, Fail Cheap: the ability to test ideas quickly lets you work out early on what does not work. Letting you quickly discover an ideal solution.