Say Hello to our New Look

Well this is an announcement we’ve been really looking forward to making… We’ve only gone and changed our logo!

After a lot of deliberation and experimentation, Dream 3D is proud to introduce our awesome new aesthetic.

The new design is going to be incorporated throughout our entire brand. We’re taking the giant leap into the world of Yellow and think it really represents us as Bold, Happy and Innovative people to do business with.

We’ve developed our new icon with 3D printing at it’s heart. Based around an abstract 3D printer, the icon as a whole represents our focus on the specialist industry that is Additive Manufacturing.

Thanks to Mark Persaude from Divine Aesthetic who’s done a brilliant job on the visuals.

We’re going to be implementing our new look over the next few weeks so keep a eye out on our Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Our Office and Showroom down in sunny Havant is due for a spruce up too, so be sure to pop in to take a look.

“So why the change?”

We’re very keen to offer the best service we can to our customers and want to be sure Dream 3D has a defined presence that will stand the test of time. So in ten years time, when you’re after some advice for a particularly tricky print, we’ll continue to be instantly recognisable.