Z-Suite 2

Dedicated Zortrax 3D Printing Software

FREE with any Zortrax 3D printer

Z-Suite is a simple and intuitive interface, just a few clicks to convert you design to a 3D printed model.


A little bit about Z-Suite 2

Thanks to the solutions offered by Zortax everything you need to work is right at your fingertips – from a 3D printer and materials to software and even 3D projects! That is because the Z-SUITE software library includes a wide range of 3D models.


Z-Suite 2 is here! The new update significantly improves print’s quality and works much faster. Click below to download the update.

Here are the main changes in the update:

  • Zortrax M200 Plus and Zortrax Inventure print better with following materials:

Z-ABS, Z-GLASS, Z-HIPS, Z-PETG, Z-ULTRAT (Zortrax M200 Plus)

Z-PETG, Z-PLA, Z-ULTRAT Plus (Zortrax Inventure)

  • Models’ adhesion to the platform and the seam quality have been significantly improved.
  • Legacy support option has been introduced – this function allows users to adjust the amount of support structures to preferable print settings. Support structures are now generated once the material and layer thickness have been chosen, just as it was in Z-SUITE 1.
  • Replicate .zcode/.zcodex tool has been added – the tool enables users to create copies of an already generated .zcode/.zcodex file. Replication of .zcode/.zcodex files is much faster and you don’t have to add support structures to each model separately. Add editable support structures to one model, generate them and replicate the .zcode/.zcodex file.
  • Selected objects tool introduces tabs to display information about the actual size and volume of the selected model. The x, y, z values refer to the bounding box of a model (i.e. its maximal dimensions), while the v value describes the overall volume of a selected object.
  • Pause option has been added to the My Devices panel in Z-SUITE – users can now temporarily stop the printing process at any point directly from the Z-SUITE software.
  • Z-SUITE performance on Mac OSX El Capitan has been improved – problems with a white screen and system errors have been resolved.

    And of course, all the original features of Z-Suite 1 are still present:

  • Print Cost Calculator – This allows you to estimate the cost for a single print by entering the price you paid for your spool.
  • Smart Bridges – If you want to print objects with a large number of details, e.g. with small holes, the ‘Smart Bridges’ feature may be of use. Thanks to this, Z-Suite will not generate support material in places where it would be difficult to remove.
  • 2D into 3D – This is a unique feature, which allows you to convert 3D files (.dxf) into 3D data. This means you can give your two dimensional projects any thickness and turn them into real objects.
  • Split – This function is useful when you want to create object that are too large to fit in the build area. It allows you to divide your model into two separate parts.
  • Versatile – Z-Suite works with most 3D modelling programs and operates with all universal formats such as stl, obj and dxf.


3D Printing (Slicing) Software

Operating Systems

Windows, Mac



No. of Computers

No limit

File Formats

stl, obj, dxf


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