Ultimaker S5 CC Red 0.6 Print Core

£347.99 (inc. VAT)

The new CC Red 0.6 print core, developed in collaboration with Anders Olsson, features a precision-machined 0.6 mm diameter nozzle with a specially customized geometry. With a wear-resistant ruby cone at its tip, this print core ensures reliable 3D printing with Composite Materials. Also included in the packaging are four spare Ultimaker S5 nozzle covers, for long-term use.

Supported materials

Enables printing with abrasive composite materials (i.e. a plastic filament reinforced with fibres, such as carbon, glass, ceramics, or metal).

Since the print core CC Red 0.6 is specifically designed for use with composite materials, it is not supported with any of Ultimaker’s own materials. Ultimaker materials are non-abrasive and can therefore be used with the standard AA or BB print cores. Composite materials of third-party material suppliers can however wear out the nozzle of the AA and BB print cores. For this reason, they should be printed with the print core CC Red.

Because of the open filament system on the Ultimaker S5 and our collaboration with several leading material companies, profiles for various third-party composite materials are provided via the Marketplace in Ultimaker Cura. To see which of these materials require use of the print core CC Red, please visit the third-party materials compatibility page.

The print core CC Red 0.6 is intended for use on the Ultimaker S5 only. Although the Ultimaker 3 uses AA and BB print cores, we strongly advise against the use of the print core CC Red 0.6 on this printer.

More information on this amazing product can be found here: https://www.dream3d.co.uk/ultimakers-complete-solution-3d-printing-with-high-performance-plastics-and-composites/

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