Thor3D Thor Scanner

Scan Any Large Object With Ease

£11,000 (ex. VAT)

Thor3D is a wireless, hand-held 3D scanner for large and medium objects such as humans, cars, yachts or statues. With a touch-screen and a built-in computer and battery, bring this device anywhere your job takes you. The complementary software can automatically finalise and export a ready-to-print 3D model in just a few minutes or use advance editing tools to alter your models with ease.

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A little bit about the Thor3D Scanner

Scan Area

Approx 1 – 10 metres

Scan Details

Hand held, wireless, walk around 3D scanner

Scan Quality

Accuracy: 200 microns (0.2 mm), Resolution: 1 mm

Capture Rate

10 frames per second


12 months


Why choose this 3D scanner?


5 Inch Touch Screen


Completely Wireless, Built in 1 Hour Battery


Large field of view


Hand held


Real-time Visualisation

Easy to Use

The Thor3D scanner was designed with the user in mind. To use it, simply pick it up, turn it on with a swipe on the touch screen and walk around the object collecting data which you see accumulating in real-time, on that same screen. The scanner has a large field of view, so collecting millions of points and high-quality color information is a matter of seconds, not minutes.

Designed for medium and large objects

Scanning cars, planes, boats, tractors, tanks, furniture, humans, archeological dig sites or large statues is now easier than ever before. That is because the Thor3D scanner is specifically designed for digitizing medium/ large objects (1-10 meters in length).

Hand held, portable and wireless

The first of its kind, the Thor3D scanner
is completely wireless, which makes it independent of a computer or a power source. Scan in a parking lot, an ancient temple or in the middle of the jungle. It weighs less than 2 kilos and even comes with a simple camera bag for a quick trip, as a carry-on, in the overhead bin of an airplane.

High accuracy, resolution and repeatability

Markers help retain high data accuracy and repeatability over large distances and keep the result error-free. Removable markers, which can be printed on the office printer, are attached to the object, so the scanner always knows where it is in space, never loses alignment, and produces highly accurate results.

The perfect balance

You can get a human full body 3D scan in under 1 second… but it will be very expensive and the equipment might take up the entire room. You can get a human full body 3D scan for under $100…but you probably won’t recognize the person you just scanned. You can get a human full body 3D scan of high quality…but you will need to spend hours to achieve that great result. The Thor3D scanner is the perfect balance between price, convenience and quality for 3D scanning of humans.

As easy as it could be

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible. There are 3 buttons on the scanner (Start, Stop, Save) and 3 buttons on the computer (Import, Start, Save). That’s it! Once finished scanning, transfer the data from the scanner to the computer via a standard USB flash drive. The complementary Thor3D software is set to finalize the model automatically and produce a finished, textured, simplified, water-tight mesh with a base under the model’s feet for immediate 3D printing. Naturally, you can control the settings of these parameters, but you don’t have to. Just press «Start» and watch the raw data from the scanner turn into a refined, coloured, finished model in under 5 minutes.


3D scans captured on the Thor3D scanner


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Box Contents

Whats included in the box?

  • Thor3D Thor Scanner
  • Unlimited, Complementary Software
  • Free Software Updates
  • Carry Bag


Lets get down to detail

Accuracy200 microns (0.2mm)
Accuracy over distanceUp to 0.020% over 1m
ResolutionUp to 1mm
TextureYes, 1.3MP
Light sourceWhite LED
Optimal stand off distance110cm
Recommended size of object50cm – 10m
Scanning area per frame457 x 610mm – 914 x 1220mm
Frame rateUp to 10fps
Data acquisition speedUp to 1,500,000 points/sec
Multi-core processingYes
Output formatsSTL, OBJ, WRML, PLY
Dimensions18 x 22 x 36cm
PowerBuilt-in rechargeable battery, up to 1 hour
Power charger12V, 60W
TouchscreenBuilt in 5in screen
SoftwareThor3D Suite (included)
Data transfer modesUSB Flash drive or WIFI
Minimum computer requirementsOS: Windows 8.1, 10
CPU: Intel Core i&
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 400 or better (with memory of 2GB or better)
Operating temperature+5C ~ +35C
Operating humidity20 ~ 80%