Shining 3D EinScan Autoscan-Inspec

Metrology-grade accuracy – designed for scanning small and complex parts

AutoScan Inspec is a fully automatic desktop 3D—inspection scanner that integrates high-accuracy 3D scanning and 3D inspection.

Featuring intuitive user interface, easy operation and Al intelligent scanning algorithm, AutoScan Inspec offers a fully automatic scanning experience with metrology-grade accuracy and fine detail.

Designed for scanning small and complex parts, AutoScan Inspec can be applied in inspection and quality control, reverse engineering, product etc.

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Key features of the EinScan Autoscan-Inspec

Metrology-grade Accuracy

Advanced blue-light 3D scanning technology brings users the scan accuracy within 10μm to ensure high level of accuracy required by quality inspection.

Automatic Scanning

As a fully automated desktop 3D scanner for 1-click scan, AutoScan Inspec features 3-axis for multi-angle scanning, enabling users to obtain 3D scans easily and rapidly.

Fine Detail

Provides precisely detailed 3D scan for small and complex objects using dual-camera of 5 mega pixels.

Powerful Software

The software Ultrascan is specially created by SHINING 3D for industrial application, featuring user-friendly interface and easy operation, which allows user to effortlessly. Export 3D data to CAD/CAM system such as Geomagic Control X, Design X, Zbrush, Polyworks and etc.


Lets get down to detail


Sit back and enjoy some videos about this 3D scanner

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Reverse Engineering Bundle

SHINING 3D has partnered with 3D Systems and Siemens to bring you the latest all in one solution for reverse engineering. Now you can scan with your EinScan Pro 2X , 2X Plus, Pro HD and HX multi-functional handheld 3D scanners to get high-quality 3D data.

Convert your 3D scans to CAD easier than ever before in Geomagic Essentials. Complete your design for 3D printing and manufacturing with powerful design tool Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition.

More on the benefits of the Reverse Engineering bundle here:

Shining 3D EinScan Pro 2X

Colour pack

Gets the full-colour texture with geometry.

Shining 3D EinScan Pro 2X

Industrial pack

Makes a static automatic scan on a tripod possible for better accuracy.

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