Photocentric Liquid Crystal HR2

Photocentric Liquid Crystal HR2

New upgraded HR2 with improved drive unit, pre-homed platform, flex plate and Photocentric Studio.

£2,100.00 (inc. VAT)

Liquid Crystal Display

Integral to the printer is the unmodified high-resolution LCD panel used to create parts. The 9.7″ display offers a 2K accuracy and fine detail.

Solid and strong drive unit

An upgraded, maintenance free drive unit features in the Photocentric Liquid Crystal HR2. The unit enables increased accuracy over the height of the printer offering increased reliability to print both large, solid parts and small intricate details.

The power of Printflow

Open source and easy to use, Printflow3D is designed to make printing faster and easier. You can send over files, via WiFi from your desktop or insert them directly into the printer, via USB. The integrated 7″ touchscreen allows untethered and fast control of the printer.

Pre-homed build plate

The build platform is factory homed and fitted with a flex plate to ease print removal. The fitted shroud allows drain-off of resin back into the vat. Now there is no need to home the build platform before every print.

New disposable vat system

The printer is supplied with 2 disposable vats, eliminating the need for re-skinning and improving peel off of the print. As the price is economical. you have a choice to either simply buy a new vat or to re-skin the vat when needed.


A little bit about the Photocentric Liquid Crystal HR2

Build Volume

19.6 x 14.7 x 25 cm

XY Pixel Density

97 microns (0.097mm)

Min. Layer Height

50 microns (0.05 mm)

Print Material

Hard, Firm, Flexible, High Tensile, Tough, Castable, Dental Model, High Temperature


12 months

(excluding selected consumable parts)


Why choose this 3D printer?

Photocentric Liquid Crystal HR2

9.7″ 2K display


196 x 147 x 250 mm build volume


USB, WiFi and Ethernet connectivity


50 microns layer thickness and 97 microns XY pixel density


25-55 sec/layer cure speed at 100 microns (depending on resin)


Interactive 7″ touchscreen


Sit back and enjoy some videos about this 3D printer

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See what the critics say

the Photocentric Liquid Crystal High-Res is capable of achieving great results


Box Contents

Whats included in the box?

  • Liquid Crystal HR2 3D Printer
  • Printer Hood
  • Power Supply
  • Power Adapter
  • Build Platform
  • Disposable Vat x 2
  • Allen Key
  • Strainer x 5
  • Funnel
  • Spatula
  • Blue Nitrile Gloves – Medium x 2
  • 250g of Daylight Hard Cream Resin
  • Print sample
  • Quick instruction
  • USB Memory Stick


Lets get down to detail

TechnologyDaylight polymer printing
Dimensions38 × 35 × 59 cm
Weight15 Kg
Power requirements100–240 V, UK/USA/EU plug
LCD specification9.7″ (2048×1536 px)
ConnectivityUSB, Wireless, Ethernet
Printer controlInteractive 7″ Touch-screen with Push-button
Resin Fill systemManual
Build Volume196 x 147 x 250 mm
Layer Thickness50, 100 microns
XY pixel density97 microns
Cure speed at 100micron25-55 sec/layer (depending on resin)
SoftwareBuilt-In PrintFlow Printer Controller
Photocentric Studio
Min. Computer RequirementsWindows 7, 8 or 10; minimum 2.0 Ghz processor speed 2 cores, recommended 4 cores; GPU capable of opening OpenGL version 3.0 or higher
Warranty1 Year (excluding selected consumable parts)

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