Photocentric Liquid Crystal Dental

Extremely accurate 3D printer for dentistry

The Photocentric Liquid Crystal Dental is a medium format printer specifically tailored to meet the needs of the dental industry. Utilizing the latest cutting-edge monochrome LCD technology and patented twin lift peel system, LC Dental delivers very high productivity for dental and orthodontic labs. 

Some Key Features:

Cutting-Edge Monochrome LCD Technology – The world’s first custom built monochrome LCD printer, designed to deliver high resolution, fast printing and extremely long life. All-blue subpixel technology is 3x faster than conventional LCD technology. LC Dental’s custom monochrome screen has been designed specifically to operate safely at 410nm. With an enormous build volume of 310x174x200mm, LC Dental also provides an xy accuracy of 80 microns. The custom light engine ensures even cure across the entire build area, creating print accuracies down to 50 microns

Open Source Printer. More Material Choice – The advanced technology of LC Dental’s screen and light engine enables you to use whatever resin you like; either Photocentric’s catalogue of materials finely tuned to the LC Dental printer or you can use LCD, DLP & Laser materials
available from third party suppliers.

Applications – Orthodontic Models, Prosthodontic Models, Surgical Guides, Orthodontic Splints.

Innovative Vat Lift Technology – Peel forces from the large LCD screen area are regulated by
the patented dual lift technology reducing peel forces and delivering a reliable printing experience for every resin profile

Push n Pull Vat – 2 step cartridge design makes the vat installation and removal quick and simple.

Fast and Simple Printing – The touchscreen software comes fully loaded with special functions to simplify your print experience.

Hinged Hood – Friction hinge hood provides smooth opening and closing action, maintaining any open angle.

Ball Joint Homing System –  Innovative homing system ensures platform always remains level to the LCD screen; improving print performance, accuracy and reliability.

Hook Platform to Drain Resin –  Drain excess resin from the platform back into the vat once
the print has finished.

Easy Cleaning –  Covered in a baked-on PTFE coating, LC Dental platforms are easy to wipe clean.

£6,594.00 (inc. VAT)


A little bit about the Photocentric Liquid Crystal Dental

Build Volume

121 x 68 x 160 mm
4.8 x 2.7 x 6.3 in (X,Y,Z)

Layer Thickness

25, 50, 100 microns
0.001, 0.002, 0.004 inches

XY Pixel Density

47 µm

Cure Speed (at 100 µm dependant on resin)

4-11 sec/layer

LCD specification

14” (3840×2160 px

Photocentric Liquid Crystal Dental Specs

Lets get down to detail

Technology – LCD specificationsMonochrome 14” 4K
Machine Dimensions605 x 491 x 419 (H x W x D) mm
Weight46 Kg
LED Backlight Power495w (165 x 3w LED’s)
ConnectivityStand Alone USB, Ethernet, Wifi
XY pixel size80 microns
Build Volume309 x 174 x 200mm
Cure speed50um 2-6 sec / layer(depending on the resin)
Homing Auto homing
Print speed50um 18mm / per hour
PlatformAluminium with Teflon coating & Flex Plate
VatDouble Ring & Recess Design / Long life
Peeling Aid MechanismYes- Vat Lift
ResinLC Dental Resin
Output Example20 Flat Arches – 50 minutes at 50um / 30 minutes at 100um
34 Vertical Arches – 2 hours, 40 minutes at 50um / 1 hour, 35 minutes at 100um.

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