MakerBot Desktop

Dedicated MakerBot 3D Printing Software


A complete, 3D printing solution for discovering, managing, and sharing your 3D prints.


A little bit about MakerBot Desktop

Prepare for 3D printing – Easy to use MakerBot MakerWare is built right in. Features include…

Rafts – An additional, stabilising surface at the print’s base. Rafts help ensure adhesion to the build plate and better print quality.

Supports – Thin, pull-away, support material for overhangs or between print elements. Supports allow you to print more complex models.

Slice – Quickly create the layers and instructions your printers will use to print your 3D objects.

Save Layouts for Quick Printing – Save your layouts of pre-sliced files right to your library. Grab one later for a single-click quick print.

Explore – Find and share things to print with integrated Thingiverse.

Monitor – The onboard camera makes it easy to keep tabs on your prints.

Control – Quick access to common commands like suspend, change filament, or cancel.


3D Printing (Slicing) Software

Operating Systems

Windows, Mac, Linux



No. of Computers

No limit


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