Fuel3D SCANIFY – Used, Refurbished

High Quality Single Shot 3D Scanner

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EX DEMONSTRATOR: This has been the Dream 3D demonstrator scanner for the last year or so, it’s in almost new condition and comes with the soft neoprene case. However it does not come with it’s original packaging.

The Fuel3D SCANIFY is a highly accurate hand held 3D scanner that scans from a single viewpoint.

£699.00 (inc. VAT)

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A little bit about the Fuel3D SCANIFY

SCANIFY is the high-speed, high resolution, handheld 3D scanner that allows you to quickly and easily capture 3D models of everyday objects for 3D printing or on-screen applications.

Scan Area

Approx 40cm diameter

Scan Details

One click 3D scan in full colour

Scan Quality

350 microns (0.35 mm)

Scan Duration

0.1 secs


12 months


Why choose this 3D scanner?


One-click 3D shape and colour

One-click 3D shape and colour SCANIFY captures 3D images in an instant, taking just 0.1 seconds to take a single scan from a single viewpoint.


Simple and sleek design

Two 3.5 megapixel cameras, three Xenon flashes, three LED guide lights, two triggers


Pre-calibrated with a large scan area

Pre-calibrated with a large scan area SCANIFY has a fixed focus and captures a maximum size of about 40cm/16” diagonal in a single scan.


Unlock your 3D universe

Right out-of-the-box SCANIFY captures a 3D image in just a tenth of second with incredible detail: down to 350 microns.

Suitable for objects with:

High surface textures: The scanner performs very well with non-reflective, highly textured objects, including natural and organic materials such as plants, skin, wood and stone.

Opaque materials: The scanner needs the scanning surface to be opaque as transparent surfaces permit the light to pass through and prevent accurate surface measurement.

Smooth contours & curves: The scanner works best on surfaces with smooth flowing curves and contours, such as the human form.

Medium-size: The scanner is optimized to work on subjects around 10 – 30 cm (4-12 inches) in size.

Not suitable for objects with:

Geometric features: The scanner is not designed to capture geometric features with flat surface and sharp corners which require high precision, as it will tend to smooth such features.

Occlusions: The scanner can only image what it ‘sees’ from its view point and cannot capture part of an object that is hidden behind another.

Mono-color surfaces: The scanner is not designed to capture objects without variation in color or, which do not provide surface information for the scanner to work effectively.

Protrusions & cavities: The scanner is not designed to scan objects with cavities, where parts of the surface can’t be seen from both cameras, or elements protruding into free space.

Reflective surfaces: The scanner is not designed to capture, transparent or shiny objects, where light reflects or transmits through the surface and prevents accurate surface measurement.


Sit back and enjoy some videos about this 3D printer

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See what the critics say

Overall, the Fuel3D scanner is an excellent product that is doing its best to break the 3D scanning and printing market wide open.


The Fuel3D is a Kickstarster funded project. It is a 3D scanner which costs less than one tenth of the cost of its nearest industry competitor. Its performance is truly amazing and it can deal with small to medium size objects, as well as living subjects.


If you’ve spent any time doing organic 3D data acquisition, you know that the pro’s of this product easily outweigh the con’s

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Box Contents

Whats included in the box?

  • Fuel3D SCANIFY 3D Scanner
  • Three tracking targets
  • USB data transfer cable
  • AC power cable inc. international connectors
  • Fuel3D Studio editing software by download
  • Quick start guide


Lets get down to detail

Dimensions24.5 x 3.5 x 25.5cm
Exported file typesSTL, PLY and OBJ
ConnectivityUSB cable
Min hardware specification2GB RAM, 1GB hard disk space, dual core processor
Operating systemsWindows 7, Windows 8, Mac
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