BuildTak 3D Print Surface

Sheets for your 3D print bed

BuildTak is the ideal build surface for 3D printing.

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A little bit about BuildTak

Having problems getting your 3D prints to stick? Ready to put away the blue tape, kapton, hairspray, ABS juice or other solutions? We have the answer! BuildTak is a thin, durable plastic sheet that adheres to the print bed of FDM/FFF 3D printers. It provides an optimal printing surface for 3D objects to adhere to for the duration of a print, while allowing for a clean, easy removal of completed builds.

Ideal 3D Printers

Ultimaker 2+, Ultimaker 3, Raise3D N2


254 x 228mm, 332 x 340mm

Ideal Print Materials

ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET+, Brick, Wood & Flexible (TPE) filaments


Why choose this product?

Easy to Install – Installs much easier than masking tape or films typically used and with fewer chances of air bubbles.

Optimal 3D Print Surface – Creates an optimal bond between the 3D printed object and build surface that maximizes the chances your object will be held in place for the duration of the print and then allow for clean and easy removal of the object from the build surface.

Heat Resistant, Durable & Long Lasting – Heat resistant and durable, can be reused for many consecutive builds and you can use different filament materials without the need to change the printing surface.

Protection – Protects your build plate.

Tips and Tricks

Some advice for using BuildTak

When using BuildTak sheets it is important to note that there are optimal settings that need to be (re)discovered and printing profiles that may need to be adjusted. There is a “sweet spot” that exists between the nozzle height, temperature and even speed. It should not be assumed, that printing on BuildTak is the same as printing on masking tape or kapton. For instance, experienced 3D printers often like to have a lot of “smoosh” on their first layer or two. This is not required with BuildTak, in fact the result of too much “smoosh” is that your prints will stick too well.

It requires some trial and error using test prints. If the prints are sticking so well that you are damaging the sheet trying to remove the print, then the settings need to be adjusted (probably the nozzle height is too close to the build plate). What we try to recommend to new users of BuildTak is to start at a nozzle height of at least 0.20~0.25mm and run a test print. If the first layer is not sticking well (which you will see right away) then you can reduce the nozzle height in increments until it sticks. Always better to have test prints not stick than to stick too well, since you can tell right away if it will be an issue. Once the “sweet spot” is found, the BuildTak sheets have the potential to last for hundreds of hours.


Sit back and enjoy some videos about BuildTak

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See what the critics say

I’d definitely recommend that you give BuildTak a try… ….it can be very effective in making prints stick.

3D Printing for

BuildTak is a good product worth trying. It’s so much easier to apply than other surfaces and works with several popular materials.
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