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Mining for precision and efficiency: EinScan HX paves the way

Darkhangeomach LLC manufactures mining, heavy industry equipment and produce tools and spare parts of heavy machinery equipment – Their team was looking for a device that could assist them in creating 3D models of complex surfaces for reverse engineering of their mining equipment. Darkhangeomach are also taking steps towards sustainable growth and efficient investment in […]

Revolutionizing package delivery – with Yasuhide Yokoi and Final Aim Inc + Ultimaker 3D Printers

INTRODUCTION Yasuhide “Yasu” Yokoi is the cofounder of design and technology firm Final Aim Inc., which works with laboratories, startups, and multinational companies to transform ideas into tangible solutions. There, he and his team use Ultimaker 3D printers to better enable rapid design iterations during the prototyping phase. One of the company’s latest projects is […]

How 3D Printing Cuts Costs in Moviemaking – Dark Cell business case

“We have had lots of movie professionals visiting our set and all of them were amazed with what we achieved with 3D printing“ SUMMARY A cluster of 8 Zortrax 3D printers have been used to print props and decorations for Dark Cell, a pilot for a French science fiction series featuring Juliette Tresanini. 3D printers allowed the […]

5 ways to stop wasting money on production processes

Another useful white paper from Ultimaker we wanted to share with you. Introduction Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing production processes. Fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printing in particular has been adopted by diverse industries around the world, from automotive engineering to the health and beauty industry. These global brands use 3D printing to shrink production costs, […]

Custom-made Helmet for a Cat – with the Zortrax M200 Plus

Agnieszka from Zortrax did a great blog on one customers latest project with their 3d printer that we wanted to share – A French influencer, Remy Vicarini, has designed and 3D printed extraordinary helmets for his cat, Cathode, with the use of Zortrax M200 Plus desktop printer. Designing and 3D Printing the Helmet Workflow step 1: Measurements and […]

The ROI of 3D Printing with Ultimaker

Before investing in 3D printing for your business, it is important to calculate the costs involved and answer some key questions – today we would like to share this white paper from Ultimaker which is a great resource on this topic. Introduction Desktop 3D printers are an attractive option for businesses because of their low […]