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Custom-made Helmet for a Cat – why not – with the Zortrax M200 Plus

Agnieszka from Zortrax did a great blog on one customers latest project with their 3d printer that we wanted to share – A French influencer, Remy Vicarini, has designed and 3D printed extraordinary helmets for his cat, Cathode, with the use of Zortrax M200 Plus desktop printer. Designing and 3D Printing the Helmet Workflow step 1: Measurements and […]

The ROI of 3D Printing with Ultimaker

Before investing in 3D printing for your business, it is important to calculate the costs involved and answer some key questions – today we would like to share this white paper from Ultimaker which is a great resource on this topic. Introduction Desktop 3D printers are an attractive option for businesses because of their low […]

The Ultimaker 2+ Connect has arrived!

Ultimaker launched their latest 3d printer to the market today – The Ultimaker 2+ Connect The Ultimaker 2+ Connect is designed to be your reliable first step into the Ultimaker world of easy, remote 3D printing. Featuring networking capabilities and a new touchscreen, the latest addition to the Ultimaker 3D printing portfolio will enable you […]

A beginners guide to Support Materials in 3D Printing

Did you get a chance to read this great introductory article on support materials provided by Ultimaker? If not don’t worry, you can find the full article here: Why are support materials important? With FFF (fused filament fabrication) 3D printing, objects are created in layers, from bottom to top. Melted filament passes through the 3D […]

Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle – what are the key features?

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle (consists of the S5 3D Printer, the S5 Air Manager and the S5 Material Station) – is what Ultimaker call their most professional 3d printing solution to date. In this post we are going to list the key features of the Pro Bundle and explain the key benefits of each […]

3D Printing and the London Skyline

Architect firms and their clients world-wide have been benefiting from the use of 3d printing to help visualize their designs at various stages of the creative process and create incredible scaled models. Modeling in architecture takes surgical precision. Customers expect down to a tenth of a millimeter dimensional accuracy. To remain the world-leader in architectural […]

3D Printing – the go-to technology for the production of dental aligner models

We posted earlier this year about how the Photocentric Magna can produce a whopping 46 Dental Models in just 1 hour and 24 minutes – if you missed it you can read and watch a great video on the process here: https://www.dream3d.co.uk/photocentric-magna-46-dental-models-in-1-hour-24-minutes/ 3d printing has become the go-to for the production of dental aligner models […]

Photocentric Magna – 46 Dental Models in 1 hour 24 minutes

Photocentric have produced a detailed workflow video showing how to 3DPrint 46 Dental Models in 1 hour and 24 minutes on the Photocentric Liquid Crystal Magna Find full specs and details here: To find out more about this amazing machine or for a tailor made quote, please get in touch with us at info@dream3d.co.uk or […]

Zortrax Dual – Ready to Work in 8 Minutes?

To find out more about what this great machine can do, please see our detailed product features and spec page here: https://www.dream3d.co.uk/product/zortrax-m300-dual/ For a bespoke quote on machines, materials and accessories please email us at info@dream3d.co.uk or give us a call on 07789266163