Zortrax M200 Plus

Zortrax has just announced a new version of the hugely successful M200 called the M200 Plus. The new printer comes with lots of new features including:

  • 4″ Touch screen display
  • Material end detection
  • WiFi connectivity
  • V3 Hotend that is capable of printing Z-SEMIFLEX
  • Improved platform connection
  • Built In Camera
  • Upgraded Cooling System

To find out more about this new machine and place an order see our Zortrax M200 Plus product page here.

Father Makes 3D Printed Arms For Toddler Son

A father whose son was born with no right hand has created several artificial limbs for him using a 3D printer set up in his bedroom.

Three-year-old Tommy Dengel can now pick things up, shake hands and “fist bump” his dad Adam using his DIY arm.

After a charity provided the design, Mr Dengel, 29, bought a 3D printer and spent hours mastering the technique…