Printing with a 0.8mm Nozzle on the Ultimaker 2+

One of our first experiments with the new Ultimaker 2+ was to test it’s new and improved print quality. We wanted to also test how the printer performed with the range of nozzles provided.

The nozzle sizes available are as follows;

  • 0.25
  • 0.4
  • 0.6
  • 0.8

We decided to first go BIG….using the 0.8 nozzle. This nozzle is the largest and allows for much more filament to be pushed through and laid down by the printer. It also speeds up the printing process quite substantially. This is advantageous as you can print large scale models in much quicker than you could with a standard 0.4 nozzle. You will effectively cut the print time in half.


For our test we used our trusty Dreamo mascot. This is a good print to test out the printers ability to handle straight edges, curves, overhangs and also text. Below you can see the results….


Here are the print settings we used in conjunction with the 0.8 nozzle;

Microns – 200

Shell Thickness – 1.6mm

Top & Bottom Layers – 1mm

Infill – 10%

Print Time – 12 hours

Here is a comparative photo with the keyring sized Dreamo. The surface quality is great and it has handled the tricky parts of the print very well. In high-insight we could have increased the shell thickness to hide the honeycomb infill a little better. However we are really pleased with the overall quality, and for quick and effective printing of large parts this is a vital piece of kit.


If you want to see this awesome print coming to life check out the video below.

Ultimaker 2+ (Plus) compared with the Ultimaker 2

On first impression, you’d be forgiven for thinking that not a lot has changed on the new Ultimaker 2+. But on closer inspection you’ll find that there have been 3 major ugrades along with a few less obvious ones also.


Lets start with the main upgrade, or at least what I’d consider to be so. The new geared feeder.

On the old Ultimaker 2, we had a few issues arise with customers having trouble with the incorrect tension in the feeder mechanism. Filament would get tangled and chewed up from time to time and be a bit of a pain especially on long prints or when using less straight forward materials. But with the new geared feeder on the Ultimaker 2+ this is set to be a thing of the past. At first glance you can see that the whole feeder has been beefed up and is quite a bit larger than it’s predecessors. The tension indicator is also set to the middle position rather than being right at the top (highest tension) this allows you to apply more tension if you require it. Especially useful for flexible materials such as NinjaFlex. The New feeder also includes a quick release lever for releasing all of the tension on the feeder if you need to remove any material. On internal inspection the new geared feeder has a more substation knurled gear that is securely fixed to the driving stepper motor.


The second improvement that’s worth noting is the new print head, the obvious change is that there is a new interchangeable nozzle that allows you to switch between diameters. This is ideal if you are looking to print larger items with less details, reducing the print time dramatically by using a larger diameter nozzle. Likewise you can reduce the nozzle diameter to print precise detail.

You’ve also got improvements to the heating of the hot end and a new PTFE Coupler, this is now made from a different material and should help prolong the life of a part that tended to be the cause of blockages in the previous model.


Visually you will also notice that there is a new fan bracket on the print head, the angle at which the air is directed has changed and as a result it has optimised the airflow to give better result on prints. This being the third major upgrade on the Ultimaker 2+.


Check out our comparison video below for a more detailed look at the Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 2+ side by side:

Installing Side Covers and Door on the Zortrax

For even better results on your Zortrax M200, we’d definitely recommend installing side covers and a door. They’re designed to maintain constant temperature inside the printing chamber to avoid printed models from splitting and warping that is caused by temperature fluctuations.

They’re also especially useful for keeping curious hands from entering the build area mid print.

Installing the covers to an existing M200 is really straight forward and we ship them for free with all the Zortrax M200’s we sell.

For instructions on how to fit your side covers and door check our easy to follow installation video below.


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