Best In Shootout for the Ultimaker 2

Just a few months after the Ultimaker 2 was awarded with the Best Consumer Product at the 3D Print Show, the desktop 3D printer has been awarded the Best in Shootout by MAKE Magazine in their Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2015.

U2 Results

The Ultimaker 2 came out on top out of the 26 desktop 3D printers that were tested. Eli Richter from MAKE Magazine said “Although Ultimakers second offering celebrated its first Birthday, its performance in our shootout was head and shoulders above the rest. One has to dig deep to find things not to like about the Ultimaker 2.”

This means that the Ultimaker 2 received global recognition as the best and most popular 3D printer available.

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We’ve Moved

We’ve now moved our HQ to new premises in Havant just outside Portsmouth. Our new address is:

Dream 3D
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You’re now able to see all our 3D printers in action and have demonstrations at our HQ. You can also collect your order from this address.

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Rookie of the Year for BEETHEFIRST

We are pleased to announce that the BEETHEFIRST 3D printer from BeeVeryCreative has been awarded “Rookie of the Year” by Make magazine in its Ultimaker Guide to 3D printing 2015.

In this shootout, the team of testers identified the top performing 3D printers across nine classed. According to Make Magazine, BEETHEFIRST is an “easy to use, attractive, portable machine… that uses smart hardware design (instead of sensors) to make bed leveling easy.”

In the words of Make: “a team of 15 recognized experts in the 3D printing field put the printers through a battery of rigorous tests to create side-by-side comparisons of product attributes in order to identify the top performers”

There’s a new wave of makers on the horizon, for whom usability is essential. And so, we are thrilled to see BEETHEFIRST being acknowledged as the portable and easy-to-use 3D printer by one of the most respected references in the industry. We’ve never felt so delighted for being part of the 3D revolution!

3D Systems Cube 2 Now Available

The Cube 2 from 3D Systems is on the most affordable, easy to use and compact 3D printers on the market, starting at just £899 including VAT and next day delivery.

Not only is there very little setup, but maintaining the machine and replacing cartridges is also straightforward and trouble free. The Cube also excels in connectivity, making it easy to print via USB cable, flash drive or WiFi. Due to the well designed compact body and easy to use touchscreen and interface, the Cube 2 is perfect for all around user friendliness.