Great news! The BEETHEFIRST 3D Printer and BEESUPPLIES filaments from BeeVeryCreative are now in stock ready for next day delivery.

If you’d like to see the 3D printer in action for yourself why not book a demonstration.

BeeSoft Update 3.12.0 (Beta)

A new 3D printing software update for use with the BeeVeryCreative 3D printer (BEETHEFIRST) has been launched today! (BEESOFT 3.12.0 Beta)

The major update included in this beta version is the new printing profile: High + 50 microns (beta).

The High + (Beta) profile will be continuously developed by the BeeVeryCreative team to allow those users who are time
insensitive to get the best quality out of their prints. The improvement in quality may vary from model to
model, but it is always better than the previously existing profiles. The resolution can now be as high as 50
The other noteworthy features in this version are:
– New print panel density configuration with the possibility to choose the required density
– New colours added to the colour selection window (which will soon be available for sale).

New developments or features:
The BeeVeryCreative development team is now focused on developing:
– A BEETHEFIRST’s shut down and resume printing feature.
– A new medium resolution profile, with ≈ 200 microns, which may be the best quality/time option for
the majority of Users.

Last, but not least, let us inform you that BEECONNECT (Wifi connectivity) is getting closer to its final stage! And, also really cool, we are now working to let you have the control of BEETHEFIRST on your smartphone. The first
prototype is working and it’s so exciting!

Please remember community feedback is key for our continuous development. So, do send all your
comments to

New 3mm ABS Filament

We’ve just introduced seven new great quality 3mm ABS filament colours that come on a 1kg spool. They are suitable for all the Ultimaker 3D printers as well as any other 3D printer that accepts 3mm ABS filament.

The benefits of ABS over PLA are that it is more heat resistant, able to withstand higher impacts and will not react with moisture meaning that it is suitable for underwater use. To find out more about the differences between PLA and ABS please click here.

BeeVeryCreative with BEETHEFIRST

BEETHEFIRST, the first ever BeeVeryCreative 3D printer will set you off on a journey to imprint change.
BeeVeryCreative was founded in 2011 with an aim to create brilliance by developing inspiring products with exceptional design and innovative functionalities. The ability to materialise three dimensional objects in a swift and simple manner meets the expectations of today’s world.

The 3D printer created by BeeVeryCreative intends to tackle those expectations by delivering a desktop printer that is reliable, beautiful and easy to use.